Sun sets at Oracle.

Reading the CMSWatch today, I read something that I have been wondering about for nearly 6 years. Oracle has finally acquired Sun. Sun has set but hopefully it will not be eclipsed. What an interesting deal. Oracle will now own systems infrastructure, including SAN, Server, and many other hardware systems. They own the Sun JRE and JRocket, Three java development IDE’s with Oracle Weblogic Workshop, Oracle Developer and now NetBeans. They will support windows, solaris, open solaris, redhat, and unbreakable linux. Oracle now has the oracle database and all its flavors as well as innodb, Berkley, and they finally got mysql. Not to mention own all the Java trademarks.

The Sun setting at Oracle

This is very interesting for me because now one company now owns the software for many of the systems that I have, am implementing. Do not get me wrong; I also work with software from Big Blue’s and other open source products but my core experiences have been with Sun, Oracle, and BEA. Now it is all Oracle.

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