Hi, I’m Travis. Thanks for stopping by the about page and learning a bit more about the site and me. This is my third setup of blogging software. As with my previous blogs I have a scope statement about things I will write about. This site will discuss Composable and some Decomposable thoughts on “Enterprise” Content Management, Technology, Information Technology (IT), {Enterprise|Solutions|Software|Systems} Architecture, and Technology Solution Design. I also think with this blog I am not going to constrain myself to just technology topics. Also, this time, I will post a general rants as I run across things that are funny enough to rant about as I seem to find myself occasionally in a state of Office Space type similarities.

What’s in a Name?
Composibility is a term that is used in the software industry. We discuss composibility often, although we use it hidden within different names like; Service, Object, Coarse Grained, Self Contained, Interface, and others. Inside of the IT Architecture and inside of Content Management, included my passions, composibility is at the corner stone of my thinking. Whether it’s architecting services or modeling content, composable properties are acknowledged.

I think an important topic, when discussing composibility is decomposability. Most everything that is composable will by nature decompose. For instance, since the Charter of Liberties, was not built to be a composable document of the English monarchy. It was decomposable as the document was overwritten by the Magna Carta. When scientist’s try and analysis a chemical compound they will try to decompose the compound to analysis its molecular construction. I believe that when we are architecting IT solutions we need to think about the solutions composibility and it decomposibility.