Enterprise Architect

Travis Wissink

E-mail: travis AT wissinks DOT com
Director, Enterprise Architecture


FEA, OEAF, Enterprise Architecture, JAVA (certified), BEA Weblogic (certified), BEA Weblogic Portal v3.5-v11g, JBoss3.x, WebSphere 5.0.2, Websphere Portal 5, UML, Agile, SOA, Eclipse, JSP, J2EE, Jbuilder, NetBeans, Documentum DFC, Oracle RDBMS, Together J, Perl, iPlanet App server, Interwoven’s Teamsite, HTML, SQL, RUP, OOAD, UNIX, Windows, and Linux


Aug 2009 to Present
Director, Enterprise Architecture
As an Enterprise Architect, Travis assists customers with strategic architecture initiatives, including

  • Advising customers through complex transitions
  • Leveraging Oracle best practices and reference architectures to help jumpstart a customer’s architecture initiative
  • Taking proven and practical approaches to solve complex, enterprise-level issues and deliver actionable roadmaps and real business value

Travis aids customers with their existing Enterprise Architecture initiatives, or can help establish and guide new Enterprise Architecture projects. He is knowledgeable of several Enterprise Architecture frameworks, including the OADP and OEAF, and can leverage these as needed during his Enterprise Architecture engagements with Oracle’s customers. He also has access to other Oracle assets that can be leveraged, including

  • Technology reference architectures
  • Industry-specific reference architectures
  • Additional Oracle subject matter experts across various Oracle organizations

Aug 2001 to Aug 2009
Principal Consultant
TL Consulting, LLC
Silver Spring, Md

I have been consulting and contracting on SOA, Java, J2EE, and Content Management System (CMS) projects. In addition to the J2EE work, I have implemented a variety of SOA architectures and integrations for a handful of CMS’s and various content delivery front ends, to include .Net. I have been on multiple projects at a time sometimes spanning multiple customers. Additionally, I’m frequently contracted to work as part of proposal teams and span public and private industries.

Project Experience:

In January 2006 I started to work with a large (1B+) and growing biotech pharmaceutical company on a global and enterprise document management system project. I am working as the document management SME in the IT solutions design and delivery project team. I am working with the whole IT department to understand how we may be better design, deliver, and support an enterprise wide document management system. The proposed project carries many content integration points to other enterprise systems.

In July 2004 I worked with a prime contractor to win an economically impactful federal project. I wrote the technical part of a presentation then presented it, in an orals completive process, to GSA and USDA program managers. We were awarded a start date of August 1. I am engaged as the Enterprise Architect on a contract at the USDA, building a Content Managed Portal. We are utilizing WebSphere Portal, FileNet’s Content Manager, and defining a SOA. On this project I designed the system to accommodate for FileNet based content as well as many raw commodity data feeds. This portal is a strategic initiative from the Office of the Chief Economist to allow a One Stop Shop Portal to all USDA commodities data. The phases included a fully functional prototype, as well as, defining SOA interfaces into the prototype’s applications data warehouse.

In December 2004 I concluded an engagement utilizing an all-open source (OSS) API’s and products. As the Technical Architect, duties included; Team building, creating and maintaining the project plan, leading requirements gathering, leading requirements modeling sessions, while utilizing many agile and XP methodologies. The project consists of converting a DOS and dbase based application to a web application, utilizing JBOSS, Struts, hibernate, xdoclet, ant, and eclipse. Additionally, we integrated with several existing web based applications. Utilizing several OSS, we were able to implement many XP development techniques to include: unit first development, refectoring of code, more frequent iteration cycles, and we developed quicker and with fewer errors. This was an on going engagement with several iterations and new requirements were drafted to the team, daily. The project finished successfully on time and on budget.

For over 21 months I was engaged at National Education Association. For the NEA I was the Lead BEA WebLogic developer. Some of the duties performed consisted of mentoring, OOAD, requirement validation, systems installation, tuning, and integration architectures. The project we integrated a WebLogic Portal cluster with a Content Management Solution from Documentum. We implemented and customized products to serve as an enterprise level content management and personalized delivery service. When the application went to production, the team defined a strategy to implement an SOA. JAAS driver for authenticating user in the BEA WebLogic domain against Documentum, were written for a custom J2EE Documentum web application, and exposed this as a service to the enterprise as a service for future applications. For this JAAS driver we utilized the Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) and its Business Object Framework (BOF). At the NEA, we used several Open Source products like NetBeans, CVS, Poseidon UML, and Ant. Towards the end of my engagement at the NEA I worked with IT developers to architect a web services integration layer for their various existing and new applications.

Over the last several years I have assisted several smaller companies and non-profits as a Technical Architect and Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Content Management Systems and personalized content delivery strategies. On these engagements, I have performed a variety requirements consisting of, but not limited to; requirements gathering, mentoring, vendor coordination and selection, proof of concept lead, assisting with vendor contract negations, network architecture, OOAD, data dictionary creation, and others. The products selected and implemented include but are not limited to CMS products such as Interwoven, Percussion, Zope, and WebUI front end systems such as custom .NET and J2ee applications, Zope, and BEA WebLogic Portal.

During January 2002 to April 2002, I worked with a local CMS product company called eGrail. While working with eGrail I assisted the professional service department to perform a variety of requirements, i.e. installation and upgrades. Additionally, while working with eGrail I developed perl and php classes and functions to extend the functionality of their base product. I also learned and worked with their XML transformation engine, the eGrail Aggregation module. I performed these duties on several engagements for eGrail.

In August 2001 for 5 months I architected and lead development on an implementation of Interwoven Teamsite for a large client in Monterrey, Mexico. As a technical lead, I lead a team of four to implement the Teamsite product. I architected Interwoven’s content management system and its integration’s with external products and services. We performed user interviews, functional requirements, technical architecture, development, and user training. This implementation interfaced with a Tibco portal server and Factiva news feed service. Integrating with the syndicated news feed we developed an extensible customizable XML transformation engine. This transformation engine accepted Factiva XML content and converted it into a Teamsite DCR. The XML engine was architected to be expanded upon for a more “full featured” XML transformation engine as more contracts for incoming syndicated content we signed. The engine could be used for not only Factiva news feed but any XML news feed, i.e. Reuters, and put it into the Teamsite templateing engine. This project streamlined business process and created a more aware work force for iXL’s multi national customer.

Other consulting jobs that I have been contracted for have included Unix, network, and Win2k administration, java class development, API development, and JSP tag library development. The JSP tag library accessed EJBs using JBOSS and tomcat.

July 2005 to December 2005
Principal Architect
Philadelphia, Pa

While at Anexinet I have worn many hats as I was assisting to start up a new Regional office. I worked as a Sales Engineer performing on many proposals, most including Oral presentation where I present the Technical Approach and Architecture piece. Additionally, I was responsible for the technical parts of the DC Based projects. I worked on several projects while at Anexinet. On projects I worked on technology that include but aren’t limited to: BEA Platform 8.1, .NET, Percussion Rhythymx, Oracle, and Linux. Additionally, I performed duties as a Project Management, Technical Architect, Technical Designer, and Development.

May 2000 to Aug 2001
Senior Software Engineer
iXL Enterprises
Vienna, VA

As a senior software engineer I plan, design, program, evaluate, lead, and implement Internet based applications. I develop detailed specifications, using a Rational Unified Process (RUP) like processes, from which programs will be written. I use various tools to gather requirements and develop applications, like JBuilder and Together J. I design and develop user interfaces for Internet applications, using a mixture of Internet languages like Perl and Java. My primary concentration at iXL has been to develop middle tier classes and libraries using Java technologies and Implementing the Interwoven Teamsite CMS product.

Project Experience:

First Genetic Trust: I was brought on this project as an internal consultant. I assessed and evaluated project failure points and drafted requirements to get the project technologically and timeline back in track. Most of what I performed was to coordinate engineering effort to implement Interwoven’s Teamsite and integration with a BEA Weblogic web application. Assisted in requirements and development of personalization, meta tagging needs. Technologies used JSP’s, EJB’s, and BEA Weblogic.

Villanova Capital a subsidiary of Nationwide

  • Assisted business analysts develop requirements. To draft requirements I interviewed the client staff. During the requirements I assessed the clients current hardware and software architecture.
  • Refined requirements to assist in drafting a statement of work. The statement of work consisted of many documents. Documents that I authored used the following techniques; UML, use case document, sequence diagrams, and data schemas. Assisted project management with the engineer’s hours and timelines.
  • With a team of other Sr. Engineers I coordinated high and low level, hardware and software architectures.
  • Developed architecture of personalization services implemented by Weblogic Personalization Server (WLPS). This architecture is tightly coupled with Interwoven’s Teamsite content management system. Received a deep knowledge of WLCS’s Content Management JSP libraries.
  • Coordinated the engineers to install and develop Java in BEA Weblogic and Teamsite implementations.
  • Developed servlets and configured a BEA Weblogic cluster with Apache web server on Solaris.


  • Took requirements from business analysts and produced requirements documentation. The documentation included the following concepts; use case documents, interaction diagrams, class diagrams, and other UML and OOAD development techniques, like patterns.
  • Analyzed data requirements and created DTD’s to use with a Teamsite implementation.
  • Developed JSP’s and Teamsite implementation technologies.
  • Consulted in data extraction techniques that Interwoven’s Teamsite uses.

Protein Technologies Institute a subsidiary of Dupont

  • Took requirements from business analysts and produced requirements documentation. The documentation included primarily use case diagrams and interaction diagrams.
  • Developed JSP’s, servlets, EJB’s, and java class files used by iPlanet technologies.
  • Developed and taught Interwoven’s Teamsite product to other engineers.
  • Designed and Configured deployment techniques used to deploy all content from staging servers to production servers.

Intranet and Extranet projects

  • Accepted requirements from business analysts and produced requirements documentation. The documentation included primarily use case diagrams and interaction diagrams.
  • Developed JSP’s, servlets, and Java class files used by Apache and Tomcat technologies.
  • Designed and developed an API to get information out of Active Directory using a JNDI API.
  • Developed a comprehensive calendar and event tracking application using servlets technologies.

September 1999 to May 2000
Software Developer
Visual Analytics, Inc.
Bethesda, MD

As a developer and a consultant for Visual Analytics I developed many types of software in both the Java and Microsoft space.

Project Experience:
Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Developed GUI parts of a full-featured link analysis, data-mining project for the Customs department.
  • Developed many GUI components using the Java JFC, primarily the swing API.
  • All GUI components had interactions with a BEA Weblogic server side API.
  • This project had many best practices included such as full use of the java doc.

Office of Nation Drug Control Policy (ONDCP )

  • Developed COM components, in VB and C++, to install into Microsoft’s MTS. These components were used in a search engine technology. Wrote cold fusion to access the COM components.
  • Wrote developer documentation about the components that I developed.
  • Maintained smaller applications for an Office of National Drug Control Policy contract. These applications include a VB, Web front ends, and SQL server back ends.


  • A flag ship visual link analysis data mining application that the company was developing.
  • Assisted in requirements gathering.
  • Helped develop many GUI components using Java JFC, mainly swing components.
  • Created and developed a VB data entry application. The application pushed data to an SQL database. Then integrated the SQL database to be used by the flagship product VisuaLinks.
  • Wrote user documentation about the data entry application.

June 1997 to September 1999
Associate technical analysts / Computer Statistician
National Credit Service
Gaithersburg, MD

My main responsibilities include MIS, user support, and LAN/WAN administration. I was considered the IT generalist guru and had all areas of technology under my watch.


  • MIS. I produce reports for various statistical reasons. I provide management with information on various employees, groups and clients, as well as, reports requested by the clients on how their money is being recovered. To do these different reports I utilize various COTS and programming tools. Some of the applications I use include Java, MsOffice97, Dbase IV, Lotus 1-2-3, Clipper5, Unix Shell, FTP tools, and SQL server.
  • I also provide all desktop software and hardware support for stand alone a local area network. Also managed a NEC phone switch.
  • All aspects of LAN administration from setting up new accounts, permissions, policies, procedures, setting up, and maintain printers on a multi platform network. I also administered mission critical software on a HP9000. I coordinated user and group creation along with printer and backup maintenance and strategies.
  • I transitioned the daily reporting programs from a manual print process to an automated web process. Developed a database application for Human Resource benefit administration. This database tracks interviews, employees, and benefits. I have also assisted in a project with our parent corporation to combine payroll and benefit administration.
  • Coordinated and initiated a contract change that saved the company 480K a year


Masters of Business Administration
Graduate August 2009
University of Maryland University College
College Park, MD

Computer Management Information Systems
Graduate August 1999
University of Maryland University College
College Park, MD

Associates of Arts Information Systems
Montgomery College (MC)
Rockville, MD

Professional Associations

Events and Publications

  • In November 2005 at KMWorld I presented several technical architectures that implement Enterprise Content Integration requirements.
  • I moved the Web Service presentation to an architectural document more depicting a SOA based CMS and the CMSWatch published it.
  • March 2003 at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management, I presented on how web services can improve a CMS, here is the powerpoint.
  • Documentum and Weblogic Portal Integration article published by the WLDJ.
  • February 2003 BlackTech Magazine published a simple article on Digital Security focusing on Virtual Identification
  • November 2002 I was Panelist for at an xml conference.

Tech certifications

  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
  • BEA WebLogic Certified Developer

Tech courses

  • HP-UX systems administration from Hewlett-Packard (Aug-99).
  • Interwoven’s Teamsite Boot camp (July-00).
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design in UML from Rational Software (Oct-00).
  • Sun’s NAS-4183 Developing Apps with iPlanet[tm] Applications Server 6.0 (Jan-01).
  • BEA’s class WLS-D11-60-01 Developing Applications with BEA WebLogic Server Version 6.0 and the J2EE Core Technologies (Mar-01)
  • Developing Enterprise Applications w/BEA WebLogic Server c6.0 Using EJB and JMS (WLS-D21-60-01) (June-18)
  • Learning Tree : Oracle Database Administration (Aug-01)

Military Experience

US Army
Basic Training, Infantry Training School & Mechanized Aug. 15 1991 to Nov. 26 1991 My active duty assignment was in Ft. Irwin, CA.

Nov. 26 1991 to Dec. 14 1993
USNG of Maryland
B company 1 of the 115 INF
Feb. 30 1994 to June 06 1995